April and May taught me…

It is exactly the first week of another academic year and everyone seems to be very busy. I have been observing my working environment and teachers are acting restless and students appear to be too hyped by the fact that they have to face new classmates, teachers and more complex subjects. However, I did not want pressure to prevent me from spending quality time with people I love to talk to. I know for a fact that when proper classes start, I will have a rare opportunity to sit- just sit and talk. This gave me an idea to spend some quiet time with my friends and intellectually engage about random valuable insights April and May taught us including life, love, disappointments and more. As we closed our conversation I learned that most life lessons are needed to be learned learned the hard way.

1. Wait and rest.

“After two years of working in preschool, I decided to stop because I lacked fuel. My desire of working in a different discipline I was trained for became lesser and later on, emptied. I didn’t know what I was waiting for. All I knew was, I needed a complete rest. Sure, I needed a job but, I have to find one that perfectly matches my wants. Despite the financial problem, I had to look at my situation positively and sure it was. While waiting for about a month or two, I found myself and I realized that I was getting old- priorities change and so are my perspectives about life. I have to look at my disappointments positively and look at our responsibilities as our life’s purpose rather than burdens.”

2. A friend sticks closer than a brother.

I learned that there will be plenty of moments in our lives where we need to go to our friends first because they are more understanding and has lesser prejudices than our family. In life’s rough moments, they too are our family, sometimes more than a family. Living independently is fun and liberating. I can do whatever I want! No one is there to tell me that what I am doing is bad or that I am not allowed to do such because I am too young. However, that is just the first picture. When things settle and I need to be inside my room, everything becomes sad. One word is enough to describe the life of an independent nomad- sad. Ntot that I like dramas but, I always want to go back to my friends because shenanigans are made better with them.”


3. Facing life one day at a time.

One thing that I hate the most about society is when people tell you that you need to have this because you’re getting old. What is worse is when people compare you to another person they think is better than you because they want to tailor your future and not what you want your life to be. The standard of the beauty of life becomes too opinionated and has been other people’s perspective not yours. It may sound cliché but I learned that I need to take life one step at a time for one main reason: I do not want to follow other people’s clock because I have my own time. I want to live my life the way I want it to be and what God calls me. So instead of rushing things up, I will wait.”

Life is indeed eventful! Some changes may occur in a snap while some will take a snail’s pace to start. The good news is- it ends and we learn. However, it is still up to you whether you want to accept the lesson or not. The beauty about life all boils down to one thing- learning. Should you want it the easy way or the hard way? Everything depends on you.



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