Old Vs. New: Two-day caffeine exploration

Cafe Molinos’ roof deck is wide enough to cater different circles or barkadas. It is located just behind Fortune Town’s SaveMore supermarket.
Everyone loves coffee- that’s what I believe. Aside from wearing the latest fashion trends, teenagers today love to spend much of their time in coffee shops, talking and stalking with their friends. (I know because I do.)

This week, me and my friends had a two-day coffee and food searching just inside the vicinity of Bacolod City. The first coffee shop we visited is one of the well-established cafeteria in the city and is known for its “Baba” cake: Bascon Cafe located in Lacson Street. The next day, we then decided to try Bacolod’s latest Cafe Molinos found in Fortune Town just behind their SaveMore supermarket.


Bascon Cafe, 14 Lacson Street

Bascon’s Pesto Pasta is absolutely one of the bests in Bacolod. We also ordered Baba cake and iced macchiato- too sweet and too good.
Personal note: What I like about Bascon is its size which makes me wonder how the heck do they manage this cafe. It is small compared to other coffee shops in Bacolod but you will never feel too crowded. Their tables and chairs are smartly arranged, covering the entire area available. They also serve the food quicker compared to others. No wonder why Bacolodnons love this place and why it is always visited by the tourists. Good food and good service will indeed always put you on top.

I love the place so much because it gives you a feeling of home. And I also love elephants because they are always alone.
As a food lover, I will never get tired of eating in Bascon. It is easy to find and the access to it comes in many available forms: public jeepney, taxi, Grab car or personal car.


Cafe Molinos, B4 L1 2nd Road Fortune Towne

You will know that you are inside Cafe Molinos when you see an intricately designed cup logo on each chair- talk about branding & leaving a mark! Aside from that, the place is not limited to coffee alone but it also serves Filipino dishes for lunch and dinner such as roasted chicken covered with gravy sauce, Philippines’ own roasted milk fish and crispy pata. The place is very affordable and you will never regret ordering these variety of dishes because everything just comes together in your mouth!

Personal note: Being one of the newest go-to places in Bacolod I recommend you to visit the place during lunch time because people are not as many as afternoon’s coffee time. I think so.

More awesome facts about this cafe:

The place is instagram worthy not just inside but also outside and actually, on top too. If you don’t like eating your food in an airconditioned room, then you have at least two choices: the roof top or under the shady Indian Mango tree. With these locations, you can capture great moments with your friends, family and/or date.

One more thing, they lend books to their visitors. Which means that the cafe does not just want to fill your tummy but also your brain. Of all the food chains in the city, I am sure that books have become a rare extra service to the people.

The cafe’s mini-library has plenty of books to choose from: fiction, nonfiction, self-help books and the likes. Coffee and books are life, note that.
For some students, going out and eating may seem to be a little difficult thing to do as of this time because you don’t have enough budget yet due to your summer escapades. Nevertheless, when your pockets become full and you finally decide to treat yourself, do not forget to visit these places.

One more tip: These two places are good study areas with your classmates and  barkadas too. Not just during evenings because you are too young to study with beers. (*insert laugh)

For more captured moments of mine, don’t forget to follow my personal instagram account at justinpolitico or andotherwrittenworks.

Have you been in these cafes too? What are your opinions? I hope we both have the same.

Until next time,



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