A Secret Garden in Negros

This is my second official blog entry! As summer is coming to a close, I thought I would write about one of the great places I got to visit: The Garden of Luisa in the municipality of La Castellana.
This place is a bit hard to find; even with the GPS, my friends and I got lost a couple of times. And the road leading up to the place is really rocky, so you might want to bring a sturdy vehicle for the rough terrain. The exhaustion of the trip was replaced by relief and excitement when we entered the garden.
Here are some of the reasons why you should go to Garden of Luisa:

This place is perfect for families, couples, teambuilding, and barkada outings. In the middle of the garden is a bungalow with a beautiful interior design. You can reserve the place for more than 20 guests. Once you rent the place, outsiders are strictly prohibited. You can have the place to yourself to relax without worries: you can take a swim in the pool, admire the flowers, eat the fresh fruits in the garden and cook your meals.

The house has two big rooms that are fully air-conditioned and three bathrooms.

(This is the entrance door to the house. Upon entering the door, one will feel the rustic atmosphere of the house because of their plants and antique displays.)

Imagine waking up early in the morning and seeing the majestic Mount Canlaon with the sun rising behind it. You can also feast your eyes on the vibrant colors of the green leaves and flowers, the clear blue sky in the morning, and the orange heavens during the sunsets.

(During our stay, I decided to sleep inside the tent facing Mount Canlaon because I wanted to see the mountain the moment I go out of the tent. However, I woke up earlier than I planned because everything inside my tent moistened including my pillow. A blessing in disguise because the view was definitely magnificent.)

(Another reason why I love the garden so much is the fact that their trees are covered with lights. The tree became more beautiful with raindrops on it.)

(Variety of cacti are also displayed around the house. Some are rare and new to my eyes.)

Vibe and Atmosphere
I like the place because it is old but well-maintained. The house has aged gracefully. It is full of pictures from the early 20th century, and it features a collection of limited edition books of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and some fascinating novels. The house is furnished with many antique artifacts and figurines from all over the world, like samurai swords from Japan, traditional puppets from Indonesia and imported vases from different countries.

(A beautiful statue of a Japanese woman just outside the door of the house. This colorless design adds to the vibe of the house, giving it more meaning and beauty.)

(The rest of the pictures are the books being displayed in the house. I was even tempted to get one but I was able to stop myself. Kidding!)

There are so many other reasons why you should experience Garden of Luisa. And don’t worry about your meals; the friendly stay-in caretakers will be more than happy to cook for you and attend to your personal needs.

Need a getaway from stressful work? Come visit Garden of Luisa!
Have you been there too? Share your thoughts below!

Till next time,



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