2017 Summer & other stops

This year, my summer was fully booked. My planner was not enough to fill the plans I had for April and May. The sad part is, summer is finally over and now is the time to remember and reimagine what happened during this year’s break- a time away from work and responsibilities.

I first had my two-day break with my co-teachers in Mount Canlaon. During our trip in the mountains, I was once again wrapped with the beauty of nature. There was not too much pollution and the city was slowly becoming mute by night.


Mount Canlaon overlooking the other side of the island.

One of the breathtaking views Mount Canlaon offered. The viewing deck overlooks the seas on the other side of the island.

Another spot we got to visit in Mount Canlaon was the famous Centuty-old Balete tree. According to its history, the tree has been standing for about 400 years. What makes the tree more beautiful is its appearance. You can go inside the tree and pass from one side to the other.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Other places we visited were Highland Spring Resort and Mount Canlaon’s vegetable market which sells fresh vegetables at their lowest price.

Few days after Mount Canlaon, I then went to the City of Love, Iloilo City. Together with my other co-teachers, we attended a seminar at Colegio de Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, Iloilo proper. For three days, we spent almost 8 hours in the school for the seminar. We didn’t spend too much time outside the school except for dinner. Other places we visited were Plazuela and SM City Iloilo.

We traveled to Iloilo City at five o’clock in the morning. I did not like it at first since it was too early but this was the sunrise. Too beautiful for my eyes!

My summer seminar did not end there. During the second week of May, we attended another training under the Languages Department. I went to Tagaytay City together with our Department Head and my great friend and co-teacher, Grace. Our trip to Manila was quite rough because of too many turbulence. It was one of the worst plane rides I had but we still managed to arrive safely.

Pictures can be deceiving. The day was great but the flight was not.

During our stay in Tagaytay, we asked Google regarding the city’s must-visit places and we went to at least 6:

  1. McDonald’s Tagaytay overlooking the Taal lake.
  2. Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves with its European vibe and Swiss-like architectural design.
  3. Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe covered by dream catchers and boho figures.
  4. Bag of Beans which I consider to be one of the best restaurants.
  5. People’s Park and its strawberry flavored Taho.
  6. Sky Ranch and its Super Viking ride I will never ride again. Never. Ever.
Outside McDonald’s Tagaytay near Dreamland Cafe.
The facade of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves, Tagaytay.
Inside Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe with their dream catchers. Interesting fact, it is open 24/7 and sells fresh fruit shakes. Literally fresh.
My favorite spot in this restaurant. We ordered strawberry milkshake, caramel macchiato, vanilla milkshake and shepherd’s pie.
If you want to see not just the Taal Lake but the rest of the city, try People’s Park. You can also rent a telescope at 20 pesos for 10 minutes. Not bad!
Finally, the number one on our list- Sky Ranch. It’s a place for people of all ages except their rides. I got an acid attack after riding the Super Viking ride.


If you think my list is done, then you are wrong. The last stop on my list is the Garden of Luisa. A private house with a 12-feet deep pool. We had our overnight team building there with the whole Senior High School Department where I work. If you want to think deep and appreciate nature, then do visit the place. It is clean, fresh, vibrant and full of life.

Here are some pictures I took using my Canon EOS M3 camera:

IMG_8216Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

The first picture was taken early in the morning around five. I woke up earlier than I planned because the tent I used started to moist. The rest of the pictures are random shots that the place offered.

This finally ends my first post after one year of not writing. I hope you had the same fun I had this summer. Now, it is time to go back to reality and welcome another school year as the days progress. The feeling is mutual- we all love summer. One thing is for sure though, it does not end here.





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